Invested Development Investing 101 Course by Amanda Holden

Invested Development Investing 101 Course

A fun + life-changing 15-part video course that will revolutionize your belief in your ability to invest.

I'll learn about investing. Tomorrow!! Yeah, tomorrow.

Says everyone ever.

If you're like most people, you'd rather do anything than think about long-term financial planning. (Especially when there's Netflix. And oh look, this very large sack of potatoes that needs peeling!! Seriously, anything.)

We're all so busy, and this is one boring chore that's way too easy to put off until tomorrow.

Worse, it can feel like you're the dumbest person in the room when people throw around schmancy-a$$ terms that no one has ever taken the time to teach you. So what do you do? You keep quiet. But by staying quiet, you're ignoring something major: Your future. Your ability to retire and take care of yourself. 

And ultimately, your motherf*cking freedom!!!

What if I told you that there's a way to completely flip the script? And that growing wealthy is not just for Wall Street bros and dusty old dudes? Finally, feel confident in your ability to plan for the future. Get up to speed on the most important investing concepts and strategies. Claim your financial freedom and power. 

And yes, have fun while doing it!

About the course:

Calling this "Investing 101" does it a major disservice. From this course, you'll gain an intimate, working knowledge of investing. More importantly, you'll graduate ready to build your wealth!

  • 15-part video series
  • Homework, worksheets, slides, and additional materials included
  • Take the course at your own pace, but it's designed to be taken over a six-week period
  • Monthly office hours for students only (for Q&A)
By signing up for this course, you are agreeing to all terms and conditions as stated here.


Invested Development is right for you if:

  • You want to feel confident that you're doing the right thing for your future
  • You're ready to figure out how to get as much money out of your employer as possible
  • You're determined to finally (finally!!) understand the difference between a Roth IRA and 401(k), and how to pick an account for yourself (whether you're currently employed or self-employed)
  • You want a deep knowledge of the investing tools, like stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, target-date funds, and REITs. And more importantly, you want to know to apply them in your accounts
  • You want to understand all of the options for investing (robo-advisors, Robinhood, etc)
  • You want to know how to deal with stock market crashes (and there will be many crashes)
  • You want to learn who to trust and where to go for money and financial advice — and how to avoid being scammed or paying too much in crappy fees
  • You're ready for your own personal investing plan
  • You want to learn how to invest in a socially responsible way
  • You want to have fun while learning something valuable!!
And most importantly, you want to live in a world where womxn have more financial power!

I'll be your teacher!

Hi! I'm Amanda — some of you may know me as the Dumpster Doggy.

I used to work in investment management, but helping rich guys get richer wasn't it for me.

Now, I'm a money writer, speaker, and educator. Through my business, Invested Development, I've taught thousands of womxn to invest.

Selfishly, I do it because I want to live in a world womxn have more financial power. 
I use a mix of stand-up comedy and real-talk while creating a shame-free environment to inspire action in my students! Come find me over at The Dumpster Dog Blog or on Instagram, where I'll be rockin' my best #TRASHION outfits under my parallel identity, @dumpster.doggy


Amanda’s  course has changed the way I think about investing, and money in general. Her delivery is digestible: equal parts crass and clever. A beautiful, entertaining combination. I’ll continue to sign up for whatever Amanda puts out into the world. She’s f**king brilliant.
The Invested Development course was the best investment I've ever made for my financial future. Amanda provides you with all the knowledge you need to take control over your own finances and investments. And not only that, but she does it in a way that is super easy to understand and hilarious! I'd value this course at a million dollars, because that's probably how much more money I'll save toward retirement because of Amanda's course, and I'm not exaggerating. If I could give this course to every one of my girlfriends for Christmas I would! Having confidence in your financial decisions and investments is a huge component to financial freedom, especially as women. If you're considering Amanda's course, you will not regret it! "


Question: Is this for people outside of the US?
Answer: This course is designed for people in the US, but everyone will find it useful! Unfortunately, you can't talk making money without talking about taxes, which is always country-specific. That said, the taxation really comes into play in just one section — the section on account types, like Roth IRAs and 401ks. But account types are a teeny piece of learning to invest! The other 14 sections are about investing theory, which is universal. That said, you will have to translate the lessons to the tools you have available where you are.

(Pssst. Canadians! A TFSA is taxed like a Roth IRA and a RRSP is taxed like a 401k/Traditional IRA. Keep that in mind during the lesson on account types and you're all set.)

Question: Can all genders take the course?
Answer: Of course! All are welcome. I do speak about some specific financial hurdles that women face, but the strategy is the same for everyone.

Question: How do office hours work?
Answer: I post up in a Zoom room on the first of every month, and I stay for two hours. If office hours start to get crowded, I'll add another :)

Question: Is this for people who already have a 401k at work?
Answer: Absolutely. Having a 401k is a great start, but you have to know how to actually use the thing. There's a huge education gap, that's what I'm filling. Here are some questions we'll answer: What — and I cannot stress this enough — is a 401k? What are the benefits? Am I choosing the right investments? Am I getting scammed with fees? Is there a better alternative for me? Should I be considering doing something in addition to a 401k?

Question: Is it for someone that is self-employed / hasn't started investing yet?
Answer: Yes!! It's for both people who are just getting started, and those who have started but want to better understand investing strategy. 

What's included?

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Introduction video
Homework + Resources
Accountability Tracker PRINT ME OUT!
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Office Hours
Lesson 1: Why You Need to Invest
Lesson 1 video
Lesson 1 Slides.pdf
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Homework + Resources
Lesson 2: What Should I Work on First?
Lesson 2 video
Lesson 2 Slides.pdf
8.12 MB
Homework + Resources
Lesson 3: Retirement Account Types
Lesson 3 video
Mini Lesson 3 video
Lesson 3 Slides.pdf
6.47 MB
Homework + Resources
Lesson 4: Retirement Savings Calculations (Optional)
Lesson 4 video
Lesson 4 Slides.pdf
1.73 MB
Homework + Resources
Lesson 5: Investing Foundations
Lesson 5 video
Lesson 5 Slides.pdf
7.7 MB
Homework + Resources
Lesson 6: Stock Market Basics
Lesson 6 video
Lesson 6 Slides.pdf
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Homework + Resources
Lesson 7: Active Versus Passive Management
Lesson 7 video
Lesson 7 Slides.pdf
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Homework + Resources
Lesson 8: Deep Dive Into Investing Options
Lesson 8 video
Lesson 8 Slides.pdf
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Homework + Resources
Lesson 9: Understanding Fees
Lesson 9 video
Lesson 9 Slides.pdf
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Homework + Resources
Lesson 10: Mutual Funds vs. ETFs
Lesson 10 video
Lesson 10 Slides.pdf
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Homework + Resources
Lesson 11: How to Buy and Sell
Lesson 11 video
Lesson 11 Slides.pdf
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Homework + Resources
Lesson 12: Final Portfolios, Rebalancing, and Human Behavior
Lesson 12 video
Lesson 12 Slides.pdf
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Homework + Resources
Lesson 13: Digging In: Foreign Stocks + Bonds (Optional)
Lesson 13 video
Lesson 13 slides.pdf
10.1 MB
Homework + Resources
Lesson 14: Socially Responsible Investing, Real Estate (Optional)
Lesson 14 video
Lesson 14 Slides.pdf
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Homework + Resources
Bonus Lesson: FinTech Apps (Robinhood, Acorns, Etc)
Bonus Lesson video